My art expresses intensity of my emotions, says Amna Butt

My art expresses intensity of my emotions, says Amna Butt

|October 16, 2022 | Media Coverage

LAHORE ( Imran Raj) – Pakistani visual artist Amna Butt had always been passionate of art since her childhood. Butt has trained from various prestigious institutions and was also trained under the mentorship of seniority.

Large scale paintings, mixed media textures, bold strokes and the essence of expressionism is felt in Amna Butt’s work.

When asked what the reason behind her success Amna said is: “I believe that in order to become successful in any work it’s important to have a deep interest in it. If you are not sincere with your work and doing shallow work then it’s very hard to become successful.”

She further adds, “Many people take Art as a time-pass hobby however in order to become a successful artist it requires continuous and deep practice. It requires new experiments and consistency. Without these efforts, success is not possible in this field.”

Expressing about her work she said: “The versatility of my work aims to express the intensity of my emotions, it gives immediate expression to my feelings rather than merely illustrating them.”

Source: | CoverPage | Daily Pakistan | The Nation

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