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Sanity: Do you know what is it? Life story on canvas.

If one could ever be on guard against love!

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Chapter One: Allah!

Chapter One : Allah! When your heart trembles, your prayers reach the heavens….” We are nearer to [man] than his jugular vein”.  

How’s the heart?

“I’ll always hold you in my heart and in my art. Today. Tomorrow. Forever!” Painting name: How’s the heart? Size:7×5 Paint on Canvas  

A masterpiece in making

You are a thousand shades of love, believe in each shade of YOU! *A masterpiece in making


DOOR EK TARA TIMTIMA RAHA HAI! Have you ever felt pain so much that you feel it in your born? May be one day I can figure out right words to express what It felt when I read about Noor. Recently in an interview when they asked me, how I feel about it, I couldn’t […]

Meaning of Manna [Arabic] Reward

Painting name: Manna! Meaning of Manna [Arabic] : Reward There is always one person in your life, which is the reward of every hardship you have faced! Use this place tonight and Tag your Manna in the comment session to let them know! Ps: Never give a second thought in showing love. Artwork Details: ART […]

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