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on guard against love
Chapter One: Allah!

Chapter One: Allah!

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Chapter One : Allah!
When your heart trembles, your prayers reach the heavens….” We are nearer to [man] than his jugular vein”.


Art Attack: Amna Butt – The Express Tribune

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Large scale paintings, mixed media textures, bold strokes and the essence of expressionism is felt in Amna Butt’s work. Butt’s forte is recognised by impulsive pouring and dripping techniques-“unconsciousness is the womb to true art” as Amna likes to put it, a painter who creates from inner impulsions and spoils a canvas to say something in her own way.

Amna has trained from various prestigious institutions and was also trained under the mentorship of seniority. The girl who started from the comfort of her room is now the CEO of an art gallery, The Art Room. Amna Butt chats with TEdit about her passion for canvas and paint.

How did you first discover your talent?

I was born to paint. Since childhood art shops have been like Disneyland to me. I was so sure I wanted to do this for the rest of my life.

What inspires you?

Deen and love. I am nature, I work with the rhythms of nature, impulsive intense in and out.

When did you first start painting?

Since as long ago as I can remember! Professionally five years, with the mentorship from teachers, from my room, which is why I named it “ Amna Butt – The Art Room” whereas I launched my studio/gallery in 2019 which is now a platform for visual arts.

What does your work aim to say?

“I choose to veil the imagery, I create what I conceive”

To me it’s expressing an inner world!

The versatility of my work aims to express the intensity of my emotions, it gives immediate expression to my feelings rather than merely illustrating them!

Is there a work of art that you would like to have in your home next to your own art?

I already have one painting next to my own art and that is of my teacher’s. (Late) Mr Imran Sultan, he wasn’t a famous artist but definitely a brilliant one. Every stroke he painted has a story.

If you could meet any artist in the world dead or alive, who would it be?

Pollock. I didn’t know about him until last October, when I started portraying my series of abstract expressionism. People started to relate my work with him, it was uncanny and unbelievable that it bears such a close resemblance to his work.

Would have loved to paint with him!

Are you fond of collecting anything?

Scents. I believe scent is the strongest trigger of memory and emotions.
Describe your work in five words.
Abstract expressionism.

An Interview of Amna Butt
Published in: The Express Tribune

How’s the heart?

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“I’ll always hold you in my heart and in my art. Today. Tomorrow. Forever!”

Painting name: How’s the heart?
Paint on Canvas


A masterpiece in making

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You are a thousand shades of love, believe in each shade of YOU!
*A masterpiece in making


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Have you ever felt pain so much that you feel it in your born?

May be one day I can figure out right words to express what It felt when I read about Noor.
Recently in an interview when they asked me, how I feel about it, I couldn’t control my emotions and said “ How many justice hashtags do we need to finally have the courage to stand against the extreme physical violence in Pakistan?

As a mother of a son, I now feel that it’s a great responsibility on my shoulders to raise my little boy into a man, who makes this World a safe, easy and livable for the women of tomorrow.”


Artwork Details:
Painting Name: Peace
Paint on Canvas

Meaning of Manna [Arabic] Reward

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Painting name: Manna!
Meaning of Manna [Arabic] : Reward

There is always one person in your life, which is the reward of every hardship you have faced!

Use this place tonight and Tag your Manna in the comment session to let them know!

Ps: Never give a second thought in showing love.

Artwork Details:
Paint on Canvas
Size: 3×5

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