Amna Butt Spills the Beans About her Art and Inspiration

Amna Butt Spills the Beans About her Art and Inspiration

|February 27, 2023 | Media Coverage

When George Bernard Shaw said, “You use a glass mirror to see your face. You use works of Art to see your soul,” he perfectly captured what it means to be an artist and just how much of an impact art has on our lives. Art is what truly reflects what is in one’s soul and has the power of capturing a person’s soul and then showing us things that we might have never even had the opportunity to know otherwise. This is precisely what Amna Butt is doing with her Art. Although she has had to deal with several obstacles in her path, she was able to rise above them and is carving her name in the art world today. We sat down with her and chatted about all things art, from her struggles as an artist, her early challenges, love for paints, the unwavering support of her father and how she was finally reunited with the canvas. Her journey is one with its fair share of challenges but one that is sure to inspire a whole new generation of artists as well emphasize the therapeutic power that art holds.

Unlike most children, Amna was more attracted to paints rather than toys and she talked about how she had always known that she would much rather pursue Art than any other field. “I consistently favored paint shops over toy shops due to my attraction to colors.” Despite having to leave NCA because of family obligations, she persevered, and so through the guidance of experienced artists, she has emerged as the CEO of Amna Butt – The ArtRoom, a gallery and studio housing an impressive collection of 700 paintings, sculptures, and art furniture. Beginning with a modest storeroom ten years ago, my business has grown into a highly regarded brand. She expressed her newfound humility and deep gratitude for the recognition, support and guidance she has received from her mentors and loved ones. Her father, in particular, holds a special place in her heart as he was the one who encouraged her to use the vacant family home. The house previously served as a fashion studio belonging to her talented and beautiful sister, Hina Parvez Butt.

In response to being asked about her artistic philosophy, she explained that her art is a reflection of love, nature, relationships, and her faith. She finds her grounding in her “R’ab,” or God. Art, in her view, is a reflection of an artist’s beliefs and sets them apart from others. Of the four themes, Deen holds a special place in her heart, as she believes that it brings one closer to their spiritual self, an essential aspect of being an artist.

What sets Amna’s artwork apart is her ability to paint not just faces and buildings, but entire life stories. Her curiosity about people’s experiences and narratives fuels her creative process. As she explains, “I paint emotions. I live, breathe, and celebrate emotions through my art. When words are insufficient, I paint. When life’s challenges become overwhelming, I paint. When stories remain untold, I paint. When love beckons, I paint.”

When asked about her worldview, Amna explained that she feels like a hero or superwoman every time she sits in front of a blank canvas. Creating something so deeply personal yet sharing it with the world is akin to giving a piece of her soul back to the universe. Amna also shared that she draws inspiration from nature, which is an essential element in most of her work. She stated, “I am one with nature, and nature and my work reflects its rhythm as well because I too, am impulsive, intense, and raw.”

When asked about her area of expertise, Amna responded by saying, “I specialize in painting people’s life stories, their struggles, and imperfections. I believe happiness is overrated, and life is imperfect, just like art.” To achieve this, she uses a unique method of asking her clients personal questions to gather details that inform the creation of a unique piece of art that accurately represents their life story.

As a self-confessed food lover, Amna attributed her love for food to her Kashmiri-Butt family, saying, “As they say, ‘People who love to eat are always the best people,’ so yeah, I’m a foodie.”

Amna recently debuted her latest collection, “Artè,” which features a variety of contemporary art furniture pieces such as leather rugs, painted blankets, dramatic throws, neutral winter chairs, and coffee tables. Customers have the added benefit of being able to commission unique hand-painted pieces to suit their specific spaces. According to Amna, the upcoming Artè: Season II collection promises to offer even more exciting and stylish options for customers and is set to launch later this month. Amna emphasized that her work can be both nerve-wracking and therapeutic, and invited others to visit her studio for some visual therapy, good coffee, and heart-to-heart conversations with her and her team.

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